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The filter cloth is a filter medium made of natural fibers or synthetic fibers. Including metal mesh or filter. Mainly used in air filtration and removal of dust, dust collection powder to purify the air, protect the environment, in the smelter, chemical plants, sugar, dyes, medicine, food and other industries.

our own high technology filter cloth,with patent structure ring mouth and manfactured by the professional production equipment can meet the application of various fields.One  of  the most advantage of  our company is fiberglass and its derivative.We are the only facatory manufacture the glass fiber,glass yarn,

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filter fabric

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fabric filter

Our products are widely used in food ,flour,sugar,fertilizer,electroplating, pesticide industries,waste incineration,asphalt,coal mill ,power plant industries,metal smelting and chmical industry..

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We have more than 100kinds of  filteration products such as :polyester felt ,aramid felt ,PPS felt ,Acrylic felt ,P84 felt ,PTFE felt and fiberglass fabric

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Fiberglass Fabric



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P84 Filter Cloth



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We are the professional supplier in filteration field, with ISO9001-2000 and FDA certified

Sffiltech registered with 1 million US dollars, 20senior engineers and 150 workers make our factory more competitive among the filtration supplies.

We have 6 needle punched felt production line and noe PTFE membrane lamination line.Annual production capacity of high temperature resistance fabric has reached 6000,000 square meters.

media filter suppliers

media filter suppliers

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cloth filter manufacturers

Shanghai Filterbag Co.,Ltd,based on the German technology, is the professional manufacture and supplier of filter bags ,filter bag making machine and other industrial filtraition system.Sffiltech has more than 20 years filtration and 10 years export experience. With imported machine from Europe, we export to USA, Europea ,Australia,Japan,Indian and a lot. We offer services from consulting to design, order, installation to after -sale services. 24 Hour Emergency Consultancy Service

Filter Services also offers its customers a 24 hour emergency service and can respond to urgent orders either same day or for more complex orders within two working days depending on fabric stocks. Consulting services to study critical applications.

We are a Chinese manufacturer of filter cloth, PP filter cloth, PE filter cloth. The strict and perfect quality control system ensures high quality of products and also achieves the favorite of global customers.Our products are in the sales promotion, if you have any questions about the product or price, please feel free to contact us.