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How To Choose Dust Collector Bags

Apr 03, 2018

Dust Collector Bags can be divided into many types. The most common bag filter is the non-woven bag. The non-woven cloth dust bag is made up of several kinds of materials, so how to choose the appropriate filter bag for yourself. Let me introduce the fiberglass filter bag. E-glass filter bag is highly resistant to corrosion and durable. In general, the CaCO₃ dust that is used in cement raw material in the decomposition furnace is not decomposed safely. SO,NO,CO,CO2, etc. produced during the calcining process of calcining coal. The temperature of the kiln tail from the cyclone can reach the drying gas above 320 degrees. The dust concentration reaches 40-130mg/ Nm³ to the third, and the dust particle size is less than 10. The NO content is about 250PPm, SO the gas is 100 to 1700mg/ Nm³ to the third. Therefore, the glass fiber dust filter bag is the best choice of Dust Collector Bags.

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