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Factors affecting the quality of the dust bag

Nov 23, 2016

Quality according to the working condition of the dust bag, dust bag fabrics and should be designed to minimize the pursuit of high efficiency filtration, dust bag durable and easy dust removal effect.

Selection of dust bag is essential, it directly affects the dust collector and dust removal effect, select the used dust bag choose from the following aspects: the temperature of a gas, wave climate and chemical, particle size, concentration of dust, filtration velocity, cleaning methods and other factors.

Relative for PTFE (PTFE) covered film filter material of resistance high low temperature. hang knot dew and chemical stability. not aging, performance decided has it on temperature. temperature and Yong alone sex gas has very strong of adapted capacity. especially on high concentration. high humidity. Micro-Star Mu containing dust gas using effect more better. these performance are is currently General filter material cannot compared of. it of using life can up 3 years above, 3 years funding required to use normal attacks. investments in significantly more than using a membrane filter bags. and use of membrane filter bags can save a lot of labor. recycle more valuable dusts. economic benefits can well be imagined.

Meanwhile, oil coating and water repellency of PTFE are incomparable for other material.