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Select comprehensive gas and dust between the dust bag should be considered

Nov 23, 2016

Dust wettability and adhesive hygroscopic powder when the humidity increases, the cohesion of particles, viscosity increases, dust cake easier to harden. Strong adhesion of dust, shall select the surface of Singeing and calendering, mirror punched felt filter material, impregnating, coating and laminating technologies should be fully utilized.

Ignitability and charge of dust such as coal, coke powder, Aluminum powder and magnesium powder, suitable for flame retardant and antistatic filter material of filter dust flow and flow and friction for friction dust when relatively strong, it will wear dust bag, reducing its service life. Dust and abrasion of flow velocity 2-3 is proportional to the particle size of 1.2, therefore, flow rate and its uniformity must be strictly controlled. Common dust, aluminum, Silicon, coke, carbon powder, sinter dust abrasion powder is high, should choose a good wear resistance of wear dust filter.