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Speed up the dust bag failure scenarios

Nov 23, 2016

Product quality

Dust cloth filter bags of processing is important, in recent years, some small manufacturers used small sewing machine for processing equipment, and processing Shi with inferior line for raw materials, deceptive, processing level also far behind. makes filter bags in using time not long will Ravel, RIP, off end of, phenomenon. bag size slightly small is also can using, but in adsorption share larger of dust Hou, using a time will will appeared off bags phenomenon. so purchase filter bags products to note select those trust of formal manufacturers, production specification, quality also has guarantees.

Using temperature

Accurate selection of appropriate temperature of the dust filter bag, is the hub of the filter bag. through high temperature, the dust bag attached to outside of the normal working temperature, ranging from reduced service life of the filter bag, Stern will burn in a short time. Accordingly, the determination must be calculated in the selection of filter bag dust collector inlet temperature, the choice of the dust bag.