MF Series MODULINE Bag Filter Housing

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Bag filter housing system

Quick opening multiple bag type filter housing- VM series

VM series quick opening multiple bag type filter, to focus on efficiency and safety and durability of users design, mainly used in more impurities, filter elements need to be replaced frequently and continuous production and fast switching filter, VM filter is a sharp tool to improve production efficiency. Filter element replacement is fast and reliable, effectively reducing the impact of the production disruption caused by the replacement components, significantly improve the production efficiency, at the same time, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers.

VM opening cover diagram

Filter characteristics:

1) The fastest 15 seconds to ON/OFF the filter, quickly replace the filter element;

2) ON/OFF in a fixed position, no need to round the filter to tight nut;

3) With safety chain design, exhaust pressure to open the filter;

4) Gravity balance auxiliary opening mechanism, the single finger can push up to any open angle can be opened;

5) Vertical open cover, a plurality of compact can be parallel, saving installation space and cost of piping;

6) With a special bag pressing ring fastening tools, simple operation and labor;

7) Reduce the downtime to the shortest, promote productivity and reduce operating costs;

8) Selection of high quality O type elastomer sealing ring, excellent sealing performance and sealing life time;

9) The copper nut is designed, the thread is no longer with the thread, and the rotation is more time saving and labor saving;

10) The liquid part is made of pure stainless steel, excellent corrosion resistance and durability;

11) 8 models, respectively, three bags, four bags, five bags, six bags, eight bags, twelve bags, seventeen bags, twenty-three bags;

12) three kinds of import and export orientation layout, convenient design and installation.

After a period of time, the replacement steps are as follows:

Step 1: open the safety interlock device to ensure the synchronous pressure relief.

Step two: rotate the shaft by hand, open the hoop safely

Step three: use a spring assisted balance mechanism to open the upper cover.

Step four: the use of pressure ring fastening tools, rotary open pressure ring

Step five: remove the bag, change into the new bag

Step six: close the top cover

Step seven: rotate the shaft by hand.

Step eight: close the safety interlock device, enter the status of continuing work

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