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Development Of High Temperature Dust Bag Space

Nov 23, 2016

China is first after fiber for filter of national, origin Yu China ancient textile technology, Western industrial of constantly expand and has has synthetic of appeared, dust bag of material not only relies on textile technology to progress function, instead of is introduced physico-chemical processing, and processing of approach, so filter bags of resistance strength, and heat, and resistance rot, and breathable sex are will greatly progress, dust bag of price more cheap. Type of bag is increasingly diversified,

In 20th century of 80 generation, a more excellent of dust bag in Europe was Institute announced to, United States GE, company produced of PTFE covered film filter material can capture Asia Micron particles, other company also have research has with industrial of dust filter material, has filter area big out general times of filter material, that high temperature bag can filter temperature relative high gas, expand has filter material of filter power almost near 100%, some special filter bags can high temperature, high stick degrees of material.