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Dust Bag In The Iron And Steel Industry

Nov 23, 2016

Iron and steel sintering machine head and tail of dust, most ESP. Due to national carbon standard to one of 50mg/M3 the following, some cities and businesses reached 20~30mg/M3 emission standard. For is less than 10 μ m of micro-particles real, electric dust collector to capture, as enhanced farm or will farm section expanded, its investment, and energy, and run with degrees are will obviously increased, and still to standard emissions, thus in recent years many enterprise began used bag dust collector or electric modified bags; sintering machine head flue gas purification main of task is desulfurization, in half dry method desulfurization in the, application dust bag, dust emissions concentration can significantly reduced to 20~30mg/M3 following, equipment run stable.

BOF steelmaking secondary smoke and furnace flue gases are used in pulse bag dust collector, is the steel industry of large dust collector applications, air capacity up to 1 million ~150 million m3/h. Is the converter fume dust is mostly used in wet, from the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction policies, replace wet with filter bag cleaning is of great significance, but because of security technology, the worldwide difficulties, need to research to solve.