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Dust Bag The Reasons For Higher Pressure And Measure

Nov 23, 2016

1, the dust concentration in the gas temperature is too high, and the system does not have any thermal insulation, dust in the dust, pipeline gas and the external environment temperature difference, condensation in the heat exchange process, increases the moisture and stickiness of dust, insulation measures shall be taken.

2, pulse jet system-related parameters are set incorrectly, dust cleaning effect is not ideal. Dust bag pulse injection interval is too long, the width of pulse jet is too short, compressed air pressure standards, resulting in dust bag too low, too thick dust accumulation on the dust bag. Should reset the pulse jet system-related parameters.

3, dust bag filter and dust characteristics do not match, the filter caused partial stomatal jams. For concentration, small particle size, moisture and stickiness of dust should be used membrane filter material.

4, if the excessive concentration of dust system, filtration velocity too high will lead to excessive differential pressure dust bag. Dust load and reduce dust collector filter filtration velocity, which increases filter area, reducing the filtration speed.