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How To Clean Dust Bag

Nov 23, 2016

Cleaning: using high-frequency vibrations, will enter the wall of the filter bag inside the larger dust particles clear all and will not affect the fibers tangled fastness, keep bags of good, easily strip of dirt.

Chemistry experiment: extracting dust bag samples, using a professional instrument testing oil component of the filter bag, so as to adapt the washing material, maximum cleaning without causing any damage of the filter bag the filter bag.

Cleaning: the proper washing of raw materials and strict proportions. Dust bag by low temperature water cleaning, uniform flow, moderate strength, no mechanical damage of the filter bag.

Drug-soaked: choose the proper chemical preparation soak filter bag, gap of grease stain removal of the filter bag, maximum increases the permeability of the filter bag.

Drying: use about 110 degrees centigrade hot air drying, maintain the dimensional stability of the filter bag, filter bag shape after drying is not retracting.

Detection: instruments for cleaning the dust bag after physical examinations to ensure quality and meet the requirements.