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Influence Factors Of Dust Bag Size

Nov 23, 2016

1, the diameter of the bag and the pulse valve arrangement and deashing pulse energy. Common pulsed dust collector bag diameter is between 120mm to 152mm.

2, diameter of the bag dust collector. For example, on the ground approximately 7.5m2, use 3M, 152mm diameter of the filter bag, filter area is about 163m2, if you instead use the 305mm filter bag, filter bag on the ground of the same size take 4.3M long to get the same filtration area.

3, the diameter of the bag depends on the width of the filter. Filter has its width, in order to maximize the utilization of bag diameters according to the width of the filter to determine. For example, the width of 990mm fabric, seam of the left must take the head, filter bags can be made of two 152mm.