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Ladder Dust Of The Dust Bag Frame Introduction

Nov 23, 2016

Dust bag ladder filter framework is one of the dust skeleton, dust bag ladder frame is the filter bag in the ribs, it should be light, easy installation and maintenance, direct impact on the quality of the structure of dust bag filtration and long service life.

Trapezoidal adopted flat dust skeleton structure, ladder frame against supporting rings and longitudinal distribution, and have enough strength to avoid damage and deformation, in order to ensure the quality of the strength of steel as well as enhance the appearance, we use steel wire φ 4.0,

After welding adult Assembly and grinding to process requirements. Ladder dust skeleton adopt silicone coating or galvanizing and painting process, coating consolidation, corrosion, avoids the dust after a period of working cage bone surface rust and bonding of the filter bag, keep changing bag smoothly, reducing damage to the dust bag changing bag process.