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On The Life Of The Filter Bag

Nov 01, 2017

On the life of the Filter Bag
As China's electronics, pharmaceutical industry, the rapid development of a large number of clean room system in China to build, which also promoted the clean room technology advances, led the rapid development of air purification products manufacturing industry. Customers use air Filter Bags, in addition to the price, the most concerned about is the life of the problem. If you put aside the quality of the Filter Bag itself, it depends on the use of the environment and pre-Filter Bags.
a. fresh air inlet atmosphere is poor
Clean room design specifications are clean room system, the location of the new air suction inlet made clear requirements, such as a certain height from the ground, to avoid inhalation of contaminated air and so on. However, in the actual project, some customers for the pursuit of the convenience of installation, often ignore these requirements.
b. pre-Filter Bag efficiency and Filter Bag filter area directly affect the life
The efficiency of the pre-Filter Bag directly affects the life of the Filter Bag after the road, many users understand this truth. But in practice, many users because of many products do not understand, many manufacturers for their own interests, nor to explain to customers, and ultimately cause some problems. In addition, the Filter Bag filter area directly affects the service life.
c. The quality of the air Filter Bag itself affects the service life
Of course, the quality of the air Filter Bag itself also directly affects its service life.
Many users, especially engineering companies, are seeking cheap, using a lot of air on the surface of the Filter Bag. Simply put, in the market often some manufacturers of products (the same specifications of the efficient Filter Bag), the price may be regular manufacturers of 2/3, or even lower. Manufacturers can not do the loss of the sale. We have seen with 0.5mm white metal frame to do the efficient Filter Bag. The use of this efficient Filter Bag as the end of the efficient air supply, the price is cheap, but other costs may be a high cut: acceptance pass, repair, delay working hours, drag the production, hidden operating costs increased. In reality, not many people will count this account. Air Filter Bag filter, but also a direct impact on its service life. In the process of parameter confirmation, only the importance of efficiency and resistance, while ignoring the dust capacity of the confirmation. As a result, the Filter Bag produced using this filter material is provided to the customer. In the use of the process found that, compared with the previous Filter Bag with this filter, the resistance rose too fast, and soon reached the ultimate resistance limit, the use of time less than the original Filter Bag 1/3.
Filter Bag material selection and application, is the core technology of bag-type dust collection equipment, the performance of the Filter Bag plays a decisive role. Due to the dust dust collection environment, the nature of the treatment of dust, temperature, technical requirements are not the same, for different conditions, choose a different filter material, and only to the appropriate technical protection measures, the requirements of the Filter Bag materials include the following Performance: Filter Bag material for different temperatures, good stripping, easy to clean, good ventilation, low resistance, high filtration efficiency, high strength, can withstand high-intensity cleaning, long life, cheap.
Air leakage directly affect the Filter Bag dust collection effect and life, requiring leakage rate <3%. Bag filter are generally negative pressure operation, such as leakage easily formed a small loop short circuit. Dust collection system handling air volume is not enough to form a positive pressure dust. Air leakage will reduce the system temperature, easy to tide paste bag, increase the dust collection resistance, reduce the filtering effect.