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Several Different Filter Bag Have Different Effects

Jun 13, 2017

Several different Filter Bag have different effects
  For the filter bag as the name suggests, and the same filter, as one of the components of the filter, the filter bag is undoubtedly a key part of the filtration process, so that the reason is because the filter bag to a large extent determine the user's filter effect. In general, the choice of filter bags for the world-renowned enterprises produced by the filter cloth, and with a patent structure of the mouth of the filter bag, it is best to use professional production equipment to produce out of the filter bag. Some friends may think, filter bag material so much, specifications and so complete. Sometimes do not know how to choose. Then we will make a comprehensive understanding of the filter bag, in order to select the filter bag to lay a good foundation.
First we look at the classification of filter bags:
Filter bag with liquid filter bag:
The mouth of the filter bag can be divided into stainless steel ring mouth, P ring mouth, PE plastic ring mouth, which includes a variety of different bags at the end and pocket design.
There is also a liquid filter bag, liquid filter bag has the following advantages:
1, even after the improvement of the pocket stitch, still no high protrusions, resulting in the occurrence of side leakage phenomenon.
2, the filter bag with no silicone oil cooling high-speed industrial sewing machine production, this production model will not produce silicone oil pollution problems.
3, filter bag filter accuracy range from 0.5 to 300 microns. The material is divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon and so on.
4, filter bag filter bag marked on the product specifications of the label all selected to facilitate the replacement of the way, is to prevent the filter in the use of labels and ink on the filtrate caused by pollution.
5, stainless steel welding technology. So that the filter bag diameter error of less than 0.5 mm, the horizontal error of less than 0.2 mm between. So that it can be installed in the equipment to improve the degree of sealing while reducing the probability of occurrence of side leakage probability.
Liquid filter bag products can be used to filter the general industrial liquid, such as electroplating paint, ink, food, chemical and other chemical liquid. Acid and fiber high mechanical strength can also be used repeatedly.
However, air conditioning system filter bag is mainly used for air supply system air dust particles filter, to achieve dust-free production environment requirements.
There is also a filter bag called dust filter bag, dust bag is bag bag supporting the bag, is made of dust cloth filter bag. This filter bag in the thermal power generation, steel, and cement industry in the production process will produce a lot of dust, resulting in serious pollution of the atmosphere.
At present no matter what form of the filter bag, both on the atmosphere to develop a strict request, in the life of the filter bag is widely used in one of the ideal way to dust, in addition to dust bag is called bag dust , For the dust effect is very critical role. The quality of the filter bag also determines the quality of the dust bag. There are bags of production process and quality is also an important factor affecting the filter. It is not difficult to understand the poor filter bag workmanship will lead to leakage of powder phenomenon. So when the choice of filter bags must be based on their own needs appropriate choice.