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The Air Filter Is The Nose Of The Car

Aug 29, 2017

The Air Filter is the nose of the car
The car engine is a very fine mechanical parts, very small impurities will make it damaged, and Air Filter is to ensure that the air into the engine is not an important cleaning parts. It is equivalent to the human nose, the air into the engine to pass through the first "level", the role is to enter the engine cylinder air fine filtration, filter out the air in the sand and some suspended particles, so that the launch The air of the machine is more pure. Thus, the Air Filter can adhere to the cleansing of the hair machine.
Often through a variety of construction sites on the road, dust rolling simple Air Filter caused by blocking. If the Air Filter is dirty and not timely finishing, it will affect the lack of engine intake, fuel incineration is not complete, the end of the engine caused by unstable operation, vehicle power reduction, fuel consumption and other appearance attacks.
Timely cleaning air conditioning filter
If the Air Filter is the car's "nose", then the air conditioning filter is directly related to the passenger's nose is not able to breathe the air to the well-being.
Normally, the air conditioning filter can filter the air from the outside into the interior of the compartment, so that the cleanliness of the air progress, to ensure that the passengers inside the car well. If the vehicle is often through the dust of the road, adhere to the cleaning of air conditioning filter is very important. In the winter than the cold temperature, and some owners to lock the car when driving, only open the internal circulation is not open air conditioning, the master pointed out that this approach is not correct, after a long time driving will form the car air pollution, Ankang brings certain dangers.
Normally, the vehicle travels 8000 km to 10,000 km when the air conditioning filter needs to be replaced once, usually only need to be replaced in each season when the regular order can be, especially in the winter back. Air conditioning filter the same can also start from their own cleaning, it is not difficult.
How does Air Filter protect
In accordance with the vehicle's protection cycle, in the usual road conditions, the car every 5,000 km or so should be on the Air Filter cleaning protection. In the larger dust, the ambient air quality of the surrounding areas should be shortened the distance to protect the distance, the master advocated early to every 3,000 km finishing time. Usually the car's Air Filter in the car when the 20,000 km to change time.
An Air Filter consists of a lot of parts, each of the different parts in the cleaning time, the corresponding method is different, we have a closer look, we have different parts of the Air Filter should be how to clean!
1, the Air Filter in the negative ion equipment in the course of the operation, because of static electricity causes the surrounding environment dust, so in the negative ion equipment should always be wiped around.
2, negative ion equipment is simulated by the nature of the principle of ionization made out of its life is very short, so the best outlet as close as possible to the human respiratory zone, so that it can play the effect of being the biggest application.
3, the general Air Filter inlet are set with coarse filter, which is the first dust filter dust barrier, generally can be very easy to disassemble to facilitate cleaning, but also the most dusty places, but also affect the To the efficiency of the air, so often clean.
4, just purchased the equipment must carefully read the product brochures to see what special precautions, such as the use of chlorine dioxide formaldehyde scavenger is placed in the closet, used to adsorb formaldehyde, but The resulting oxidizing gas also fades the clothes in the closet.
5, no matter what kind of Air Filter, in the use of the process do not forget to regularly replace the filter, and replace the filter time can be based on the actual use of different products and the situation to decide to help the equipment to run better.