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The Effect Of Smoke For The Filterbag

May 22, 2017

Dust bag  is an important part of the dust collector, it can be isolated from harmful gases, protect the environment and human health, but in industrial production, the filter bag will be impacted by  many factors,  the obviuos factor is the flue gas.  Let's take a look at the impact of flue gas on the dust bag:

(1) the high temperature of the flue gas. Bag filter is mainly used in industrial boilers, fluidized bed boilers, kilns and coal-fired power plant flue gas dust. Such flue gas temperatures are usually relatively high, the gas into the dust collector when the temperature is usually 100 ℃ ~ 300 ℃ . So the usual chemical fiber function at this temperature will be affected.The bag  filter is necessary to use high temperature fiber material.

(2) corrosion of acid gases. When burning high-sulfur coal may have no desulfurization treatment of flue gas,the sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides concentration will be high.The chemical synthetic fiber material will be corrosive damage except the FT filter bag .So that the life of dust bags will be shortened.

(3) the oxidation effect of flue gas. Flue gas has a certain oxidation effect to the filterbag , because the air accounted for 21% of oxygen, coupled with the flue gas temperature is very high, so dust bag in the operation will suffered, if you want to avoid this situation have to select some anti-oxidation effect filter dust bag, such as P84 polyimide filter bag.

(4) moisture in the flue gas. In the high temperature state of operation, when the dust in the smoke with   more than 25%  water, the dust will be easy to stick bags,.bags of the scene, if the material  is not high hydrolysis resistance, the filter bag will be damaged by the hydrolysis.