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What Are The Main Causes Of Damage To The Filter Bag?

Oct 18, 2017

What are the main causes of damage to the Filter Bag?
The reason for the damage to the Filter Bag is as follows:
First, filter the wind speed
Bag filter dust filter is too high, is the main reason for the damage to the Filter Bag. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment, increase profits, in the design of bag filter, the filter wind speed, a short period of time the user no obvious reaction, but greatly shorten the life of the Filter Bag. So to the customer not only did not save money, but to bring a very large economic burden, and a waste of time.
Second, the dust medium
The choice of Filter Bag fabric depends on the dust of the dust properties, to consider whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances. According to the nature of the dust selected for its filter, so that the Filter Bag can be the normal adsorption of dust, and does not affect its service life.
Third, the use of temperature
Correct selection of the appropriate dust Filter Bag, is the key to Filter Bag. If the temperature is too high, the selected Filter Bag to exceed the normal use of temperature, Filter Bag light to shorten the service life, serious will burn in a short time. Therefore, in the selection of Filter Bags must be determined when the calculation of a good filter inlet temperature, in the selection of the corresponding Filter Bag.
Fourth, product quality
The processing of the Filter Bag is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers using small sewing machines for processing equipment, and processing with poor quality as raw materials, real ones, processing level is also far behind. So that the Filter Bag in the use of time is not long there will be open line, cracks, out of the end and so on. Bag size is small, although you can also use, but in the adsorption of a larger proportion of dust, the use of a period of time will appear out of the bag phenomenon.
The use of high temperature Filter Bag Features:
1, Fumei Filter Bag filtration rate of up to 1.0m / min or more, low running resistance, wear resistance and bending resistance and peel strength has improved significantly, the use of temperature up to 260 degrees, the use of tiwalon treatment, extensive Used in steel, nonferrous metallurgy, chemical, carbon black, building materials, power sector.
2, the United States Tatta Filter Bag temperature can be used at 204 degrees, dust flue gas can only be higher in the acid dew point above the high temperature filtration separation, the use of burning and calendering or Teflon coating.
3, PPS high temperature Filter Bag has a strong integrity and intrinsic resistance to chemical resistance, can be in a harsh environment to maintain a good filter, can achieve the desired effect, can be used to filter coal-fired boilers, waste incinerator , Power plant dust dust treatment, the use of temperature up to 190 degrees, the use of high temperature hot and singeing treatment.
4, P84 high temperature Filter Bag has a significant temperature operating temperature of 260 degrees, with good chemical properties, for the acidic exhaust machine alkaline dust filter has certain advantages, the use of high temperature hot and singeing treatment.
5, glass fiber needle filter Filter Bag filter temperature of 260-300 degrees, with high temperature, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability of the shrinkage of small, high strength a little, can be widely used in chemical, steel, smelting, Power generation, cement and other industrial furnace high temperature flue gas filtration.